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How this works

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How this works

Our search allows you to see the top matching managing agents – that manage buildings like yours and have the best satisfaction rates.

See the benefits of talking to our agents here

Step 1: Register & Search with your postcode

Use the search function to find the agents that service your area. By including basic information on your building size, you can see those agents that have the most experience in managing buildings like your own

Step 2: Compare agent information and pick short list

Review the information show on each agent. This includes things such as:

  • Number of near-by buildings
  • Professional bodies they are members of
  • Which sign-up to our Service Level Agreements
  • Services provided, and of course
  • Price

Select a short-list which of the agents that you want more information from

Step 3: Send in any question and get some quotes

Use our quick-quote form to send your requirements and questions to each agent – including your big issues like: Completing regular maintenance, Managing large refurbishment projects
Cleaning, Collecting service charges, Screening new tenants
You can be assured that you will:

  • Send enquiry with zero commitment
  • Find agents meeting agreed service levels
  • Manage document & proposals online
  • Get put in-touch with your own property adviser

Step 4: Review your answer and get detailed proposals

Compare all responses from agents to see which fit your building the best. Some things to look out for are:

  • A comparative budget under the new agent
  • The experience they will bring
  • Your specific contractual terms

Step 5: Meet & Sign

Arrange an interview with each agent that has provided a good written response and ask further questions to ensure you get on etc. Request a mandate for from them – making sure you check their contractual terms before signing

Get started by making a search with your postcode

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