The Benefits of Talking to our Agents

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The benefits of talking to our agents

Different agents will have different experiences that they can bring to your building. Our agents are listed by how closely they match your search criteria - by seeing some of their specific information, you can create a short-list of the best.

See who they manage nearby

One of the most important things to look at is relevant experience. Our search engine allows you to see the nearby buildings that they manage. This shows you which have likely come across your specific problems and which have a track record of providing customer satisfaction.

See their sample contracts before going any further

Our agents share their standard block management contracts and terms on our website. This allows you to see exactly what each agent is offering before entering formal discussions.


Custom services based on your top problems

Our agents are happy to work against SLAs based on your individual needs (e.g., improving building maintenance or completing some external works). Some example, standard SLAs can be seen here.

Fair price commitments

We know that a lot of customers come to us because they feel like they are being ripped-off !
Our agents charge fair prices so you can ensure you are not being taken for a ride. But importantly their fees are realistic and transparent enough that there won’t be any surprises and hidden costs.

Quickly send your requirements to multiple agents and compare their response

Our agents are highly responsive and will provide quick responses and answer to your specific issues. Our online tools allow you to quickly compare the returned information and select those you want to talk to.

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