The Benefits of Talking to our Agents

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How we gather the best managing agents

Different agents will have different experiences that they can bring to your building. Our agents are listed by how closely they match your search criteria and how much experience they have shown in your area.

Focus on your needs

We have spent time talking and working with hundreds of buildings to understand the problems that customers experience. We have also tracked which solutions have worked best for different types of buildings.

Agents with a wide experience

Our range agents have previously seen most problems in most situations before. This means that no matter your location, building type or price range we will likely work with an agent who can improve your building.


Understanding each agent’s portfolio

We gather data on each agent’s current and previous portfolio. By understanding the buildings they manage, the processes they follow, the regulations they comply with and the outcomes of their work, we can predict which will be the best for the next building we work with.

We show you a range of agents

So you can meet and speak to a few. You may be required to work closely with a new managing agent so ensuring a good personal relationship is important.

Enter your postcode to begin your search for a better managing agent

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