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We use technology to help you understand your building's performance and find services to improve your living standards

We help you to understand your building better

Using hundreds of examples of buildings from your area we can help you to understand the performance of your building compared to others

For example, where you are overspending or where you may be underinvesting, where your future problems may be, and the details you need to ask for when hiring new services

We help you to find the top block managers that meet your needs

We work with property managers to catalogue their customer history and case studies including past project locations, sizes, ages, problems, works completed

Based on the information contained in your search, we can make the best matches between your building and a new managing agent

These managers will have the most, relevant expertise for your building - so that they are the most likely to have seen your problems before and to avoid budget creep

We help you to get intouch and agree new contracts

That you find and meet the block managers that meet your needs and expectations

You know what to ask for and what to agree upfront

You know what to monitor in the future - to help you to maintain a high long-term service level for your building

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