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Do you ever really own a leasehold flat?

Do you ever really own a leasehold flat? The real answer to this is “sort of”. A lease allows you rights over the property which in many ways are the equivalent of the rights and obligations that you would have if you owned the property. However, the major difference is…

Analyse Your Agent

When Should You Move Agent

How this works 06

Search the top block buildings & managers A search on our site allows you to see the top-rated buildings and who runs them – which building have the best facilities and are managed the best. We hold information on over 80,000 buildings across the UK.

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How to use our services

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Searching for Building Information A search through our apartment building database allows you to find information such as who manages the building, it’s service charge, ground rent and lease information. You can also request a review of a specific building that you are interested in. We hold information on over…

Service Levels Agreements for a New Block Management Contract

Service Levels Agreements for a New Block Management Contract How can you be sure that your managing agent is delivering the right types and levels of service? Your best approach is to check that they have the right experience for your building and that you have agreed on Service Level…

RTM Benchmark Data November 2018

RTM Benchmarks November 2018

Customer Behaviour Quarterly Update Short

Customer requirements Q3 18 highlights Analysis of initial queries and questions put to us by new customers

Customer Behaviour Quarterly Update

Customer requirements quarterly update Below is the quarterly review showing the general requirements and interests that customers have when first approaching us In addition, we have shown the subjects that they wish to discuss in detail with managing agents when requesting a proposal

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