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How our block matching process works

We have found that customers prefer agents that can show a track record, expertise and knowledge of their area.

Our platform is designed to match customers and agents based on requirements, experience and performance.

Customers can search for the agents that have a track record in managing buildings similar to their own. Agents can show their experience by indexing their current portfolio.

Checking your statistics

Go to your statistics page to see the approximate number of users who have searched and registered with us. By comparing this to your introductions, you should be able to understand the approximate share of matches you are receiving.

On the Blocks Analysed section of the Block List page, you can see the number of your blocks we have in our database compared with all of the agents with work with. Our matching process with rank an agent higher for a new customer if they show a track record of managing similar buildings.

Viewing your blocks

Goto the Your Current Block List section of the Block List page to see which of your blocks are registered and verified in the system. We only take basic details of the building and the verification process involves checking recent documentation to ensure an agent is currently managing a building.

Adding new blocks to your list

Go to the Add New Blocks section of the Block List page to include new blocks for our review. We regularly check and verify this list to add new entries in our database - enabling customers to match to your agency.

The simplest way to verify a block is for us to check that you are acting as company secretary for that building (in those instances that you are). In these cases, please include the building's management company number.

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