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London flat owners & leaseholders survey: Their top problems


We have surveyed over 100 of our block management users to understand some of their top concerns and reasons for finding new management. To get more detail around this or contact us for anything else please click here - we are always keen to hear from great agents.

The biggest problems reported by surveyed leaseholders in London


Improving maintenance
of building


Finding someone to manage a major works programme


Improving financial management
of building

How different problems are felt by different parts of London

Although similar issues were seen across London, we did find some specific trends:

  • Central London properties were more likely to have problems around external works projects
  • Around East London and areas of higher recent development, we found more problems involving managing finances and large service charge costs
  • Blocks which were ex local authority almost exclusively stated that improving maintenance as their top problem


A deeper analysis of service charge complaints

We found that it can be difficult for customers to establish what a "fair" service charge should be for their building. The number of variables around things like building size, age and tenant behaviour, heavily effect the cost per flat and the expected results of service charge spending.

It is also true that varying quality of management creates highly varying service charges - even between very similar buildings with very similar issues.


Average service charge of surveyed blocks (£'s per flat)

The above graph is taken from some of the information provided to us by users looking for new block management services. It shows not only the reported average service charge per unit, based on different building sizes, but also the average service charge at which point the users say that this is their building's top problem.

About JuxtaBlock and this research

JuxtaBlock is a market place which helps customers to find new and improved property management services. We received dozens of inquires per month and by sampling one hundred of these, we were able to produce the above article.

If you think you might be interested in joining us or if you have any questions, please get in touch using the below form.

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