What is a right to manage service and how does it work

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Services that will help with your right to manage

Overview of this service

Agents that will help you obtain a right to manage agreement for your block of flats

Things that will differ between agents

Each agent will have unique experiences with previous buildings

By reviewing each agent’s portfolio you will be able to see which can help you process your application quicker, with more accuracy and with a higher chance of success

Some examples of previous experience you should look out for are:

  • if they have dealt with your landlord or freeholder
  • if they have worked with buildings with similar leases
  • if they have worked with buildings with similar design and configurations

Best practices and activities followed by most agents

Each agent will follow the rules set out in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002

The process can be very simple and requires a submission to be made to your building’s freeholder, requesting the right to take over management

This may be complicated if the freeholder disagrees with this application or your building’s case is not straight forward

In these situations, it is common that the decision will be made through a tribunal process, which your agent will help you to prepare for

Some agents will outsource such work to specialists lawyers whilst others will complete this work in-house

How to start working with a new agent

Once you have understood an agent has the right experience, they will need to gather:

  • Details of the flat leases, head leases and other agreements created for the building
  • Lists of the leaseholders and their contact details
  • List of the freeholders and their contact details
  • Plans of your building and in some cases a detailed survey

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