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How this works

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How this works

A search on JuxtaBlock  allows you to see the most experienced managing agents – that manage buildings like yours and have the best satisfaction rates.

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Step 1: Register & Search with your postcode

Use the search function to find the agents that service your area. By including basic information on your building size, you can see those agents that are relevant to buildings like your own.

Step 2: See the most experienced agents in your area

View the list of agents that operate in your area and how they rank based on experience and satisfaction rates - based on verified case studies that we receive from each managing agent.

Review each agent’s details, prices and contact details.

Click on View Profile see more information on each agent: download sample contracts, see contact information and send individual messages.

Review the blocks managed by each managing agent and their office location compared to your own building - see who has the most local experience and how close they are to you.

Step 3: Send in any question and get more information

Select which agents you would like more information from.

Fill in your building’s specific requirements and what additional information you need. For example, full case studies, detailed prices or full proposals:

  • Send enquiry with zero commitment
  • Find agents meeting agreed service levels
  • Manage document & proposals online
  • Get put in-touch with your own property adviser

Step 4: Check your email

The response from each agent will be emailed directly to your inbox.

Get started by making a search with your postcode

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