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Picking a new managing agent can be complicated. You may need some advice !

There are hundreds of managing agents in London and understanding which are the best for your building should be decided based on its current problems and needs.

These may change over time, for example in a building with a new share of freehold company, common problems are:

  • Applying and going through the right-to-manage process
  • Starting to collect service charges and planning budgets for the first time


For more mature buildings, landlords and the building's directors may worry more about:

  • Improving the level of service and maintenance of the building
  • Finding an agent that is more reliable than your current
  • Increasing the sale of rental value of the property
  • Reducing the service charges and management costs


Understanding where you are and what you need can be be slightly complex if you are new to this. The following is a very quick guide:

Step 01: Ensure that you have the right to get involved - that you are personally able to make decisions on the building's management or that you can influence the people who do.

Step 02: Build a consensus between the other landlords, freeholders of leaseholders in your building - to gain support with your decisions.

Step 03: Discuss and decide on what are the biggest problems with your building, that you wish to fix over the next year.

Step 04: Use a search tool (like our own) to work out the best agents to approach with your needs.

Step 05: Make sure the contracts you agree will cover all of day-to-day and one-off maintenance issues with your block.


The easiest way to do this is to let us help. By filling in below form -  you will be able to get a clear understanding of how you can improve your building, at what price – without committing to anything.


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