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How to find a new residential block managing agent

Appointing new managing agents is a difficult job - leaseholders don’t necessarily know how the industry works or what makes a good and bad managing agent. Even if you have a rapport with an agent, it can be difficult to predict how they will perform in the long-run.

Different managers can appear to offer a similar level of service and leaseholders don’t have enough information to tell the difference.

However, by following our 4 steps below, leaseholders will be able to work out the best agents to short-list – based on their experience with their type of property in their location.

Step 1: Search and register

The first step is to use our search function to find the agents that service your area. By including basic information on your building size, you can see those agents that have the best experience in managing similar buildings to your own.

Step 2: Compare & pick short list

Review the information show on each agent. This includes things such as:

  • Who manages buildings that are near to you
  • Professional bodies they are members of
  • Which sign-up to our Service Level Agreements
  • Services provided, and of course
  • Price

Step 3: Send requirements & questions

Select the agents that you want more information from. You can then quickly send your requirements and questions to each agent – including your big issues like:

  • Completing regular maintenance
  • Managing large refurbishment projects
  • Cleaning
  • Collecting service charges
  • Screening new tenants

Step 4: Review all answers

Compare all of the response from agents to see which fit your building the best. Some things to look out for are:

  • Agents that have solved similar problems to your own
  • How much details they have included in response to you questions
  • Which give you confidence

Get started by making a search with your postcode

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