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What to look for in a new management agents

Different management agents will be appropriate based on your building’s needs. However, in general you need to look for agents who are able to act independently, act reliably and have good communication processes.

If you search our directory, you will find specialist management agents for different sized buildings and if you require complex work, you should find an agents that has experience with this type of work.

In addition, another important factor is the size of the agency – ideally, small enough to provide a personally service but big enough to be efficient.

Ultimately, the cost will be one of the biggest factors in this decision, although this may be the last thing discussed with each agent.

What are block management services

Block management services are needed to run jointly owned residential properties on behalf of the owners. For example, the owners of each flat in a block of flats will get together and hire a managing agent to run the building.

There a many different types of agents which will provide different levels of service at different prices. It is a good idea to regularly review and even switch your managers, in order to get the best services for your building.

The major tasks needed for your building will be, collection of service charges, maintaining the building premises, ensuring the finances are properly managed and completing repairs.

Comparing block management agents

When comparing property managers it’s important to make sure they are providing the services you require. By using this tool first, you will be able to see the specific jobs that you will need them to do, and the quality of service criteria you should expect them to maintain

Some of the specific services that you will probably need for you building  can be seen here

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By using this service, you will be able to find a number of agents that have already been reviewed by us. These are based on previous customer ratings and our review of their business:

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