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Improving your block management services

The value and condition of your property will change with the quality of its management. It’s important to find building managers that you can trust – that you can rely on to provide a high-quality, long-term service at an efficient price.

Our service helps you to find managers that you can rely on, to negotiate the best price and then to ensure that they continue to give you great service.

We have vetted and reviewed all the agents that we work with in order to ensure they will fulfil your long-term needs. This allows you to reduce the time that you spend finding an agent, reduces the risk of you picking the wrong agent and improves the running of your property.

We have worked with dozens of landlords that run hundreds of properties – if you want to see how you can join, please request a call-back on the button above

Other services

Comparing property managers

When comparing property managers it’s important to make sure they are providing the services you require. By using this tool first, you will be able to see the specific jobs that you will need them to do, and the quality of service criteria you should expect them to maintain

Some of the specific services that you will probably need for you building  can be seen here

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What makes a good block manager


Managing your property is a difficult task and most people will need help. However, finding the right manager can be tricky – the costs are often high, the service quality unreliable and the variety of services, complex.

By selecting the right managing agent and reviewing these yearly, you can ensure that you maintain the best services and the best prices.




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We help you find the best managing agents for your property. Our tools allow you to:

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