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By visiting and using JuxtaBlock, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.  You also agree to follow all laws and regulations which are applicable to your use of the site.  Because JuxtaBlock is an international site, users will be held responsible for following their own local laws as well as international laws regarding export and re-export control.  If it is illegal to use the JuxtaBlock site in your country, state or territory, please leave the site immediately and do not return.  JuxtaBlock is not meant for users under the age of 13 and is not designed to attract visitors under the age of 13.  Users must be 18 years of age or older in order to provide any information on the site or to make purchases.  By using the JuxtaBlock site, users are warranting that they are legally allowed to do so and have all the appropriate permissions to use the site.

JuxtaBlock reserves the right to take any of the following actions and any time without giving any reason or notification:

  1. To restrict or terminate access to the site or any of the services offered.
  2. To alter or suspend any of the services offered.
  3. To remove or alter any of the content which is on the JuxtaBlock site.


Content at JuxtaBlock

The content at JuxtaBlock may consist of many different materials such as written, photographic, graphic, logos, videos, and sound clips.  All of this content is protected by copyright of JuxtaBlock or the respective authors.  It is forbidden to use any of this content in any way that violate copyright including publishing, transmitting, reproducing, distributing, or modifying of the content.  If you would like to use any of the content found at the JuxtaBlock website, you must receive written permission from JuxtaBlock or from the respective copyright holder.

By submitting content to the JuxtaBlock site either by email, through public display, or other forms of submission, you are asserting that the content is yours to use and are giving JuxtaBlock complete rights to this content.  JuxtaBlock and its affiliates may use your submissions without any royalties, licenses, agreements or acknowledgement to you.

JuxtaBlock does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on its site.  Do not rely upon the information provided at JuxtaBlock as being true, quality or with integrity.  Visitors to the JuxtaBlock site may be exposed to any form of content which they find offensive.  Users of the JuxtaBlock site accept this risk and any of the consequences which could result from exposure to offensive material.


Links to Third-Party Sites

The JuxtaBlock site has links to other websites.  These websites are not run by JuxtaBlock and are subject to different Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.  JuxtaBlock is not responsible for any of the material found at these sites.  JuxtaBlock encourages site users to take caution before visiting links and to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies at all sites which are reached by links from JuxtaBlock.



JuxtaBlock will under no circumstances be held liable for any of the content at its site nor for any damages,losses, expenses, or costs which occur from using the JuxtaBlock site.  No claims may be made for defamation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement or violations of rights in regards to:

  1. The use of the JuxtaBlock site
  2. The use of your account at JuxtaBlock by a person other than you
  3. The content or performance of JuxtaBlock
  4. Any violation of the terms of use
  5. The violation of any person or entity

JuxtaBlock does not guarantee that its site will be free from harmful components such as viruses, trojans, worms, interruptions or other forms of harm.  By visiting and using the JuxtaBlock site, you are accepting the risk associated with site use.  You will be responsible for any damages that occur while at JuxtaBlock or occuring as a result.  JuxtaBlock does not guarantee that its site will meet your requirements, be free from faults, be accurate, products or services will be quality, or that errors will be fixed.


Copyright Policy

JuxtaBlock respects the intellectual property rights of others.  If you think that your work has been used at JuxtaBlock, please contact the site or have an authorized authority contact the site for you.  Provide your name, address, email address, telephone number, an electronic or physical signature of the person making the claim, a copy of the work which you are alleging has been used at JuxtaBlock in violation of copyright law, information as to where this work may be found, and a statement saying that you, in good faith, believe that your work was used in violation of copyright law and that you are providing  truthful information under the penalty of perjury.


JuxtaBlock Privacy Policy

All information collected at JuxtaBlock is subject to the Privacy Policy.  Please see the terms of the JuxtaBlock Privacy Policy for full details and terms.


Changes to the Terms of Use

JuxtaBlock reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time without any notice.  Visitors to the JuxtaBlock site are encouraged to review the Terms of Use periodically.

Privacy Policy


Here at JuxtaBlock, we know that your privacy is important to you.  That is why our team is making sure that your information is collected, used and protected using the strictest safety requirements.  This Privacy Policy is meant to give JuxtaBlock users an easy to understand insight to matters concerning privacy of personal information, including:

  1. What information JuxtaBlock may gather while you visit the website
  2. How this information may be used
  3. How you may control your own personal information
  4. How JuxtaBlock protects information collected at its website


Types of Information Collected and How it is Used

Automatically Collected Information: When you enter the JuxtaBlock website, information about your IP address, operating system or online activity may be collected.   This information is non-personal and is collected in conjecture with other personal information.  The non-personal information is used to assist with online operations and make sure that site users have an efficient experience.  This information may be used to create group statistics for marketing purposes.  JuxtaBlock reserves the right to disclose non-personal information to third parties.

Provided Personal Information: JuxtaBlock may ask for your personal information in several cases.  These include but are not limited to registration, special offers, signing up for mailing lists, and making transactions.  This information may include your name, email address, billing and/or mailing address, telephone number, and payment information such as a credit card number.  This personal information is used in regards to the reason why it was being collected.  For example, by signing up for a mailing list, your personal information cannot be used for any other reason.  However, personal information provided when making purchases at JuxtaBlock may be used for any related customer support and possibly to perform checks for credit fraud.

Optional Personal Information: While at JuxtaBlock, you may be asked to provide additional information which is optional.  This information is only used to help JuxtaBlock understand its client demographics.

Product Information:  While making a purchase at JuxtaBlock you may be asked to provide product information.  This is used for product registration and to provide technical support for that product.

Information Considered Public: Visitors to the JuxtaBlock website may be given the chance to provide optional or unsolicited information which is considered public.  This included all public areas of the site such as blogs, forums and discussion boards.  Also, any testimonials given, either solicited or unsolicited, will be considered public and may be used by JuxtaBlock without regards to privacy.


When Personal Information Can be Shared

 JuxtaBlock will not share your personal information unless it is absolutely necessary to do so in these following circumstances. 

  • Legal Reasons: In certain extraordinary circumstances, JuxtaBlock may be legally required to share your personal information in regards to legal situations such as under subpoena or in the event of a lawsuit or potential lawsuit.  Your personal information may also be disclosed in order to identify you if you are in violation of the “Terms of Use” and causing injury or interference to anyone else using the JuxtaBlock website or the JuxtaBlock company.
  • To Complete A Service: In order to provide our matching services, part of your registration information may need to be provided to 3rd party businesses or individuals, however this will be limited to your email address unless explicitly requested through your actions on this site.
  • When You Have Asked to Message a Third Party: In this case the information contained in the submitted message forms and within your profile may be shared with the 3rd parties you have have requested
  • Information consider non-personal such as IP address may be used and shared by JuxtaBlock.  In extraordinary cases, non-personal information may be used with personal information in order to find culprits in violation of the “Terms of Use” and causing injury or interference to the company or JuxtaBlock site users.


The Safety of Your Personal Information

JuxtaBlock will follow all the industry standards in regards to security in order to safeguard your personal information.  This includes preventing unauthorized access to your personal information, maintaining security of data and using personal information correctly.  However, the internet is never 100% secure.  For this reason, JuxtaBlock cannot guarantee that all your information will be completely secure during its transmission or during its storage in our system.  In the event of a security problem, JuxtaBlock will let site users know in a speedy timeframe either by email or a post on the site so that site users can take the appropriate steps to protect themselves.


Storage of Personal Data

Unless you request otherwise, JuxtaBlock will keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary and useful to the site.  All personal information will be deleted in an appropriate timeframe as is required by law. You may request all data related to your person that is held by JuxtaBlock and related 3rd parties be deleted by emailing hello@juxtablock.com and including your name and email address.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

JuxtaBlock reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time.  Site users may not be notified in the event of a change of the Privacy Policy so we encourage all visitors to the JuxtaBlock site to review the Privacy Policy from time to time.  In the event of a change, all personal information which had been previously collected will still be used and held in accordance to the Privacy Policy version at the time of collection.


Links to Other Sites from JuxtaBlock

JuxtaBlock has links to other sites throughout its site pages.  These sites are third parties and have their own policies in regards to privacy.  The JuxtaBlock Privacy Policy does not apply to these sites!  We encourage all site users to read through the privacy policies of any site which is visited.


Acceptance of the JuxtaBlock Privacy Policy

By visiting and using the JuxtaBlock website, you agree to the Privacy Policy.  You thereby consent to the collection and use of your personal information as outlined in the JuxtaBlock Privacy Policy.

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