What are the day-to-day service levels that your building needs?
You can see the popular choices as you select each category
How often managing agents should make a detailed review of the building
How often formal reports reconciling all incomes and costs should be made to the RTM board from the managing agent
Leaseholder updates & comms
The regularity of building communications to the leaseholders – these are often required more frequently when the building in investing in improvements
Minimum discretionary spend
The amount of money that the managing agent can spend on building necessities without asking permission of the RTM Directors. The legal maximum is £250 per flat and the lower the threshold the more time the managing agent will spend on reviewing spending decisions with the RTM Directors
The regularity of basic cleaning of the internal areas
Tenant management & licencing
How closely each tenant moving in and out of each flat should be monitored
Ad-hoc repairs & problem solving
Who manages one-off repairs and fixes to the building
Technology used
Customer facing technology available to flat owners
Staff management
How closely the on-site building staff should be managed and how often instructions provided
The expertise required to design and maintain the garden and outside areas
Emergency Communications
How flat owners report emergencies and how these are responded to
Care of specialist buildings & estates
Expert reviews and recommendations to maintain old buildings and estates built using specialist materials
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