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New Customers Looking to Switch Agents

Building Location: NW6

Flats in Block: 4

Customer Requirements:
"We are looking for a new management company with experience in completing external repairs and roofing work for our converted house in North London . . ."
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Building Location: N7

Flats in Block: 47

Customer Requirements:
"As a director of our freehold company we are looking to complete a review of several new managing agents with a view of replacing our current early in 2017. . ."
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Building Location: N20

Flats in Block: 36

Customer Requirements:
"Our building requires significant improvements around day-to-day manaintenance, the service charge collection and the financial management . . ."
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Building Location: N16

Flats in Block: 12

Customer Requirements:
"Our previous managing agents have caused us a lot of bother due to mismanagement. We are looking for someone with experience in our local area who can take-over immedietly . . ."
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How this service works

We use data on both buildings and managing agents to make the best possible introductions:

Match customers with agents that have shown good service levels to similar buildings

Provide an easy to use procurement process to help to guide flat owners

Supply a first level of scrutiny of new agents and their service contracts

What type of buildings can I find on JuxtaBlock?

Every month we have hundreds of customers coming to JuxtaBlock, looking for new property management services. These are often of the following types:

RTM Boards - new and existing

Share of freehold boards

Property developers

Single freeholders and landlords

How do I make a start?

Starting to find new customers is simple. Sign up for a free Trial Account and you will start being matched with customers looking for property managers like you:

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How do I arrange new meetings with customers?

Through this service you will receive dozens of introduction per month to customers looking for agents. This will take the form of:

Recommendations of customers that match your profile

Direct messages from the customers as they see your profile

Descriptions of new customers and their buildings

Automatic mailing of your promotional material to interested customers

Facilities to arrange calls and meetings with new customers

Proposal share – to help you get in touch with other stakeholders in the building

How can I grow my customer base?

By building up your reputation you will be matched with many more searches on JuxtaBlock - growing the number of customers that you are introduced to and that sign-up with you::

Hundreds of customers search through us every month

They are looking for agents that they trust to best solve their problems

They are looking for agents that are responsive and get back to them quickly

Some of the agents that we work with

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