We have placed hundreds of buildings with new managing agents, helping to grow each agent's business.

Our offer includes two categories of service allowing you to generate traffic and leads through your own website and sales channels, or to get introductions directly to your business

Traffic Generation
How this works
  • We use our data to build you advertising campaigns
  • Help you to monitor website visitors and leads generated
  • Help you to manage lead responses throughout the sales process
What you get
  • Traffic to your website from advertising campaigns
  • Analysis of leads generated through website and other sales channels
  • Ongoing monthly reporting
How this works
  • We generate introductions of leaseholders visiting our site
  • Fit each introduction to a criteria based on your target customers (e.g. location, size, etc)
  • Include the building's details and the customer's requirements
What you get
  • Introductions of building directors looking for new management
  • Weekly reporting
  • Ongoing assistance to help you manage responses to customers
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