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The Biggest Managing Agents in South East London
When looking for a new managing agent it can be useful to know who has come across similar situations to your own.
By understanding the size of the agent's existing portfolio you can understand who is most likely to have the experience to help you improve your building.

The table below shows who was the biggest block managers in South East London as of the First 3 Months of 2021
Rank Block Manager Est. Share of Managed Buildings Since
1HML Andertons Ltd18%2006
2Warwick estates15%2007
3Prime Property Management9%2012
4Rendall & Rittner6%2000
5Urang Group5%2001
6Haus Block Management4%2008
7KFH Block Management4%1994
8Hurford Salvi Carr3%1995
9Canonbury Management,3%2003
10Jennings & Barrett3%1910
Estimates from Juxt Analysis
HML Andertons Ltd is the biggest block managers with an estimated market share of across the UK.
However, this number covers buildings of all types - across age, sizes, architecture and ownership. This therefore may not indicate the right managing agent to help you with your specific building's needs.
To see the best matching managing agent for your building - based on your needs and their experience with similar properties.

We use a number of data sets generated from our operations and public records in order to create initial estimates and verify our analysis. If you would like to discuss this further, please get in touch at

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