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3-0 stars
Urang Group Ltd
We are a people based business. We employ real people not drones and give them the tools they need to tailor solutions to each client, unlike many of our competitors who box their staff in with so man

From £150 per unit

Urang Small Blocks

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3-0 stars
AM Surveying
Highly professional, highly regulated and family owned firm of Block Management and Building Surveying professionals. Block Management services are provided strictly in accordance with ARMA-Q and RICS

From £110 per unit

JFM Medium Properties

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3-0 stars
JFM Management
We’ve taken 17 years’ combined property management experience across 7 firms of professional and prominent managing agents. Then we have extracted all the best bits of all that we’ve seen and learned,

From £125 per unit

AM Standard Service

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