Information Needed to Hire an Agent

Not all managing agents will be a good fit for your building and which managers are the best for your property can be a hard thing to work out. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find a good recommendation.

This page shows you how to save time by understanding your properties needs and the information to submit to managing agents to ensure that they provide an quick and accurate quote.

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The Importance of Reviews

Not all managing agents are equal. And some will be better for certain jobs, for certain buildings in certain locations.
The first thing you need to be clear of, is which agents are the best for your situation. You can use our comparison tool by clicking on the button above.

In general, however, you should review each agent on the following aspects:

For older buildings, the services needed can become very specific. As example, the building structure, plumbing or grounds may need specific work which not everyone can offer. However, for the majority of properties, these can be categorised in the follow ways:

  • A major refurbishments
  • Day-to-day maintenance
  • Managing the finances and accounts
  • Reducing costs and service charge

It is of course possible to get the best services if money is no object. However, for most landlords and most buildings, value for money is important. By being clear of your exact needs, you will be able to compare different agents to ensure you receive the best value for money.

Some agents will naturally be more efficient and cheaper for certain tasks, and your must be clear which jobs you are willing to pay for.

Although important, this can be over-valued by some landlords. It may be convenient to have a agent that is based down the road but our research has show that this does not always lead to the best service.

However, it is a good idea to have an agent that is based in the same city or town so they can respond quickly, in emergency situations.

This can be a vital need and the hardest thing to understand. Knowing what types of buildings an agent has managed before will allow you to understand if they are right for you.

One of our main reviews of each agent, takes into account the number and type of buildings that they currently manage. This allows you to see how much relevant experience they have in solving your problems.

Your next step

So as we described this can be complicated! By using our free service, you will be able to see the highest rated agents for your specific property with it’s specific circumstances.

A good start is to use are 5-minute Quote Request Tool, to  find the right agents for your building and to begin improving your property management.

Step 1 of 3 - Basic Information

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