Get a health-check for your building to see if you are on the right track and where you can improve


1. Full service charge review
Overview Complete a full a detailed review of one or more sections of your service charge accounts to see if you are getting value for money and where you can improve
How this will help you: Show where and how much you can save and where you can make improvements with small increases in investment
What we can show you: What activities are required and optional for your building, where you are spending too much and could get better rates, where you are not spending enough and reducing living standards as a result, where long-term cost could be minimised by efficiency projects

2. Major works projects and one-off costs
Overview Estimate the long-term costs of your building to check if you’re saving too little or too much. In addition, recommend small, yearly maintenance jobs that can reduce the risks of large, one-off projects being needed
How this will help you: Ensure you are saving the right amount for the long-term building improvement works, ensure you choose the right projects to complete and reduce the scope of the projects you don’t want to do
What we can show you: The state of parts of your building, the likely requirements for large building projects, the costs of these projects, how they can be delayed or removed entirely, any long-term cost-benefits from these projects, the potential value improvements from these projects

3. Improving living standards
Overview Review the major issues that affect living standards of owner-occupiers and tenants in the building. Provide recommendations to improve the living conditions and desirability of the building
How this will help you: Show you the ways to increase your living standards and to increase the demand to live in the building
What we can show you: The major factors that affect the desirability, the ways you can improve these for your building, the costs of these projects, the estimated improvements gained from this work, the suppliers and specialists who can complete these


We help flat owners and service charge payers with questions around how their money is being spent

We combine information from dozens of buildings in your area to show how your money is being spent and your building performs relative to other

We help answer question such as: Where should we be spending more or less on our building? How much should a service cost? How do we compare to other similar buildings? How can we change where our money is being spent?


We combine information from dozens of buildings in your area

Our consultants compare your spending to an average of multiple buildings

We can also provide a detailed review & estimate of next years’ service charge

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