What do we do?

We help landlords, freeholders and leaseholders improve the management of the their buildings. By comparing the different services offered by managing agents, we are able to show you the best agents at the best prices for your property.


Who do we work for?

We work for a landlords, freeholders and leaseholder right-to-manage companies in the UK


How do we improve the management of my building?

Through our decades of experience working with UK property managers we are able to recommend those which are a best fit to your building's needs.


How much we charge?

Our service to you is completely free. If you do eventually choose a managing agent that we recommend we will seek a remittance from the managing agents after you have made an agreement.


How do you switch or find a new agent?

If you are looking to find a new agent or are just curious about how another managing agent would compare to your current, please see our tools and guides below.


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