We have placed hundreds of buildings with new managing agents, helping to improve their services and living standards

Our data and tender services, allow you to quickly understands which are the best agents to speak to, based on your needs. And then agree a new contract with an agent committed to improve your building

Advanced managing agent data based on your location
  • Size and makeup of each agent's portfolio
  • Reviews & scores for each agent
  • Agent popularity with buildings like your own
  • Agents that are growing the most
  • Historical tribunal cases
  • Case studies
Normal Price:
Introductory Price:
Management of your tender process
  • Create a document that includes information of your building's needs
  • Set service level agreements that can be included in a new contract
  • Show case examples from each agent where they have improved buildings like your own
  • Show changes in apartment value during each manager's tenure
  • Set meetings with board and surveys of the development
  • Ensure process is complete in a timely manner
Price based on building size
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