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Block Managing Agents in London

The map below shows some of the top managing agents that service London. If you want to see which agents are best matched to your buildings, to see how they can improve on your current management of to get a proposal, please register and search using the form below

How to find the top local managing agents

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Our marketplace allows you to find the top block management firm that match your building’s needs and location. In addition, you can view the buildings that each agents manage and case studies if blocks that are similar to your own

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and advice on property management

London has the highest density of flats in the UK, with over 1 million units across the city. Difficulties in exerting control over their buildings have often led to poor living conditions and high service charges.

We are confident that you building can be improved by finding new block management services. To see the best agents for your buildings, see reviews and see prices please use our search tool above.

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