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Block Managing Agents in Essex

Underneath is a map that shows the location of some of the top managing agents in Essex. Register and search to get a list of the best managing agent for you building – comparing the buildings each manages, their track record and the services they offer.

How to find the top local managing agents

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Our marketplace allows you to find the top block management agents that match your building’s needs and location. In addition, you can search each agent’s customer portfolio and case studies.

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on property management

Essex has been the number one destination for families leaving London and as the City has pushed east, the line between Essex and London has become increasingly blurred. Large apartment complexes have been developed to house a many people as close to London as possible.

Flat owners are increasingly focussed on improving the day-to-day management of their buildings – to prevent them from deteriorating, improving the living conditions and maximising the rents that tenants are willing pay.

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