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How we can help

1. Get leaseholder and freeholder advice

We offer advice for small and large properties that have complications due to joint ownership. We specialise in how to obtain a Right-to-Manage, Share-of-Freehold, take more control over your building, build support and engage other leaseholders.

Get Help to Review Your Service Charge & Contracts

Improve Building Maintenance

Deal with Finances

Find an Agent that Matches Your Building’s Needs

Improve Building Maintenance

Deal with Finances

Get an RTM or Share of Freehold

Reduce Service Charges

Complete External Works

Increase Value of Property

3. Oversee and rate your current services

It’s hard to keep track of your property expenses as information is hard to find. In the same way, even efficient agents can have a hard time explaining buildings costs.

We answer questions such as:

Is your money being spent well?
What level service should you expect?

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Who We Help

Our market place is for flat owners, leaseholders and freeholders – at whatever stage they are at in taking control of their building

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