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Understanding where to find the best property managers, the questions to ask them and the contracts to agree can be complicated business. We help you through this process to ensure you get the best services.


Increase the value of your property

By improving the maintenance of you building and reducing the costs, we aim to increase the value, improve the living conditions and increase the returns of your property.


Improve the management of your building

Our service helps you to find the best property managers for your building and compare their prices – allowing you to quickly root-out those companies that will waste your time and let you down.

We measure our services by a set of measurements our customers get from their management services – for example the time to fix a leak, arrears in charge collections, the complaints received by tenants


Gain from our experience

Having managed property portfolios for many years, we are very aware how difficult it can be to organise management services.

Our service reviews and test the agents we work with - who you can trust to complete work when it is needed, on time and within budget can be a full time job.

Our use of technology ensures that we can understand the performance of the agents we work with better




Trusted by Landlords
Our service has already been used by dozens of landlords managing hundreds of properties in order to improve the running of their building and the value of their properties.

We work for landlords and our ultimate goal is to increase the value of our customers’ properties.




For RTM Companies & Freeholders - Take the pain out of block management
We understand that running a building in your spare time can be difficult – good advice is not always available and each task takes time.

Our aim is to reduce your workload whilst improving your block and reducing your service charge.

We do this by using our technology to learn from other buildings in your area – so we can understand the expected problems that will arise and how to solve these as quickly as possible.




For Tenants - Making you home better
We measure our success by how well the properties we work with are maintained and ultimately how much people enjoy spending time in them.

Our technology helps Landlords and tenants to work together better, in order to improve the quality of buildings for everyone.

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