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We use technology to help you manage your building better – creating a market place for new services and helping you to make better decisions

Making property management services quicker to hire and lower risk

We use our propitiatory data to match up the most appropriate customers to managers and suppliers – increasing the customer satisfaction, lowering the risk of a new contract or project and allowing a new supplier to hit the ground running

This benefits both the customers and suppliers for a project as it is more likely that a new contract will be successful

How we use property managers' and experts' data to find the best suppliers for each building

We work with property managers and experts to catalogue their customer history and case studies including past project locations, sizes, ages, problems, works completed

Based on the information contained in a customers' search query, we can make the best matches between those customers and suppliers

Because we can calculate the level of experience of each supplier in a customer's location, we know that they are the most likely to have seen your problems before and to avoid budget creep

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